• POWER has a 5 STAR RATING SYSTEM to ensure athletes are using proper technique and not just throwing skills over.

  • POWER uses a detailed progressional skill system to create well rounded athletes

  • POWER has (9) different skill level classes that allow athletes to focus on a specific set of skills

  • All CORE SKILLS originate from a power hurdle approach
    • Round-off back handspring
    • Round-off back handspring tuck
    • Round-off back handspring layout
    • Round-off back handspring full
    • Arabian

  • All SPECIALTY SKILLS originate from a 2-step approach
    • Punch front
    • Whip
    • Front Handspring
    • Fly Spring
    • Aerial 

  • POWER uses bands and foam blocks during drills to ensure the development of proper technique

  • POWER is a non-spot facility and has been since 2016
    • Staff will be there for safety and body shape development

  • Class levels are broken up into detailed sub skill groups
    • LOW
    • MED
    • HIGH
    • ELITE

  • Class format
    • Warm-up (in group)
    • Line drills (in group)
    • 4-6 stations (individual rotation)
    • POWER does not get in a corner and have athletes continuously go (its not 1988)

  • To ensure parents, athletes, and staff are on the same page, POWER has online skill tracking 24/7

  • PLEASE NOTE - If you are coming off a break from tumbling -OR- if you are coming off an injury
    • Drop down at least (2) skill levels from where you were previously
    • You need to rehab your body back to its former self in terms of strength, flexibility, endurance, and technique
    • Athletes are able to progress at their own pace
    • Athletes will progress to the next level once ALL skills are @ a 5 STAR RATING



POWER Rocklin

233 Technology Way #1 Rocklin, CA 95765

MAIN OFFICE - (559) 294-7611

POWER Clovis

110 W Pontiac #114 Clovis, CA 93612

 MAIN OFFICE - (559) 294-7611